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Safety at Teesside

Safety at Teesside

June 22, 2015 By admin

BY RSH Inc IN RSHinc On 22-06-2015

We at Rising Sun Holdings Inc are pleased to announce the following landmark achievement by one of our subsidiaries:

Global emergency services provider Falck Fire Services UK commissioned Peterlee-based Powerdial Services to design and install a sophisticated Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and call recording solution for its new operations centre at Wilton Teesside.

Falck provides a comprehensive fire fighting service which covers the entire Teesside area, including Wilton, Billingham, and North Tees, and also manages a number of other services in different parts of the country from their Teesside operational UK

To win Falck’s competitive tender, Powerdial partnered with communications firm Avaya for the VOIP provision and Sinclair Voicenet for the call recording solution, and as part of the system’s failsafe design, critical components have been duplicated to prevent any single problem causing a system failure and hence ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

Falck is a multi-billion pound company, providing emergency services in 44 countries, and the new Teesside operation has been designed to dovetail with Falck’s other sites across the UK.

Jakob Thinggaard, Project Manager at Falck IT – Fire Services, says: “We have the same degree of responsibility across the Wilton site as any other emergency service would have, which means that absolute reliability and robustness is essential for the
technologies we use to manage any emergency alarm calls that come in.

“The service standards we set correspond with the high expectations our customers, and from the outset of this project, Powerdial’s technical knowledge and service quality more than lived up to the testing criteria that we set.

“Powerdial designed and implemented the project very professionally, providing real insight into how we might deliver our services with maximum efficiency, and showed a real empathy with our business needs. It’s been a true joy working with them and I can highly recommend choosing them for any kind of communications project.”

Paul Farn, Managing Director and co–owner of Powerdial Services, said: “Maximizing up-time was an absolute pre-requisite for this project, and to deliver this, we designed to solution around two of the very best brands in their respective markets.

“Our system provides Falck with a critical reliability solution that has no single point of failure and duplicates critical components at every point along the way to ensure maximum reliability.

“The Falck project represents what we believe Powerdial is especially good at – delivering precisely what they client needs and adding much more along the way – and we’re proud to have Falck Fire Services onboard alongside all our other satisfied clients.”

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